Second Call for Volunteers to Distribute Iowa Human Trafficking Rescue Stickers and Posters

Today we are again calling for volunteers to sign up to distribute Iowa Human Trafficking Rescue Stickers in your community. Approximately 7,500 stickers have already been distributed since the Network launched this new statewide project last January. The Network now also has a poster sized version of the sticker that measures 7’x14”. The sticker itself is 3”x6” and 2,500 new stickers have just been printed.  We are asking for more volunteers who have a renewed commitment to ending trafficking in Iowa. 

The Rescue Sticker is shown below:

Iowa Human Trafficking Rescue Stickers

Traffickers instill fear in their victims and a belief that no one cares. The Iowa NAHT Rescue Sticker reaches out to victims with a message of hope that displays both the National and Iowa hotline numbers and text message option. The sticker also sends the message that human trafficking does happen in Iowa and that we each need to play a role to spot it.

The harsh reality is that dozens of Iowa victims are being trafficked every day. Ninety-eight percent of trafficking carries on undetected and unreported. The Rescue Sticker also encourages those that do recognize signs of trafficking to call and report what they suspect. By increasing public awareness, the Rescue Sticker reminds all Iowans that they can take steps to recognize and report suspected trafficking and thereby possibly save innocent lives.

Where do I post the Stickers?

You are asked to post Rescue Stickers especially in women’s restrooms because that is the safest place for a victim to call, text, write down or memorize the hotline phone number and arrange a safety plan to connect to services. Although posting the stickers in public restrooms is the most effective location, other visible locations in a business or public place would also be appropriate.

We ask that you focus your posting of stickers in liquor stores, clinics, hospitals, court houses, transportation centers, schools, social service agencies, police stations, hotels/motels, Walmarts, pharmacies, bars, convenience stores such as Kum and Go and Casey’s, and gas stations. Also, the Iowa Department of Transportation is distributing the stickers to the large multi-state truck stops and Iowa’s rest stops. Small stand-alone truck stops are also appropriate for you to approach.

Volunteer Distribution and Posting Instructions

Getting consent is required

Please do not post the Iowa Rescue Sticker in a facility without first getting the permission of the business or property owner/manager. Record the name and/or ask them to sign the consent form. Also, list the type of business, name of business, and location. After you distribute and post your stickers, please return the Iowa Human Trafficking Rescue Sticker Business Consent and Posting Location Form(s) to the address shown at the bottom of the form or scan and send it by email.

How do I volunteer to distribute?

A student group at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids known as Students for Anti-Violence Solutions (SAVS) will be distributing stickers statewide. If you or your group, agency, church, school, class, university, club, or city/regional Anti-Trafficking Coalition wish to volunteer to distribute stickers, please email Alexis Costello You must send your name, organization, cell phone number, address to mail stickers, number of stickers, and area you will distribute. If for some reason you do not receive a response within seven days, please resend your request to Deb Brydon at