Here is our collection of awareness materials for your use. We call on you to help us print, distribute, and post this material in your business, faith community, service club, and on social media.

NAHT Brochure

The NAHT Brochure is a double-sided brochure (see above) and contains many extremely helpful resources. There are multiple options for downloading it. Choose the option below that works for you:

  1. Two page (PDF) – click here (1.2 MB)
  2. Outside page only (jpg) – click here (7.7 MB)
  3. Inside page only (jpg) – click here (7.7 MB)

Anti-Slavery Poster

This is a 8.5 x 11 inch anti-slavery poster that can be used to raise awareness about labor trafficking.

  1. Download image (jpg) – click here (169 kb)
  2. Download poster (PDF) – click here (77 kb)

Every 30 Seconds Poster

The “Every 30 Seconds” poster makes the connection that human trafficking is modern-day slavery. The poster is 8.5 x 11 inches and directs the reader to learn more about trafficking by going to the NAHT website or Facebook page.

  1. Download image (jpg) – click here (111 kb)
  2. Download poster (PDF) – click here (205 kb)

Stop Human Trafficking Poster

The “Stop Human Trafficking” poster is useful for posting in convenience stores, truck stops, and other public places where Iowans need to be made aware that “It Happens Here” and see the toll free 24/7 crisis line and text number.

  1. Download image (jpg) – click here (106 kb)
  2. Download poster (PDF) – click here (99 kb)

Rescue Stickers

Both the national and Iowa toll free 24/7 crisis lines and text numbers are highly visible on these stickers. The Rescue Sticker encourages those Iowans that do recognize signs of trafficking to call and report what they suspect. By increasing public awareness, the Rescue Sticker reminds all Iowans that they can take steps to recognize and report suspected trafficking and thereby possibly save innocent lives. We ask that you focus your posting of Rescue Stickers in liquor stores, Goodwill and other thrift stores, clinics, hospitals, court houses, transportation centers, schools, social service agencies, police stations, hotels/motels, Walmarts, pharmacies, and bars.

  1. Click here to order your stickers (PDF).
  2. Click here to download distribution and posting instructions (PDF).
  3. English language – download image of sticker (jpg) or PDF of sticker (PDF).
  4. Spanish language – download image of sticker (jpg) or PDF of sticker (PDF).

Iowa Trafficking Arrest Map

This map of Iowa was produced by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, and we have permission from Gretchen Brown-Waech, Human Trafficking Coordinator, to share this with the public. Gretchen has put many hours into researching and updating this map, and we thank her for her efforts. In addition to the arrest map, you may click the following link to get a more detailed description of each arrest as well as sentencing details. The entries on the map are listed under the year of conviction.

  1. Download map as an image (jpg) – click here (112 kb)
  2. Download map (PDF) – click here (864 kb)

Table Tent

This table tent is 8.5 x 11 inches. Once you download the table tent, print copies on cardstock and fold in half lengthwise to create a table tent.

  1. Download table tent (PDF) – click here (227 kb)

Labor Trafficking Poster

A group of 80 DMACC students entered a competition to design a new poster for the Network. The NAHT board voted on the best poster and this is it! It was created by Joshua Mendez. The NAHT thanks Jasy Skelton-Leopold, DMACC design instructor, and all of the students who submitted their designs.

  1. Download image (jpg) – click here (211 kb)
  2. Download poster (PDF) – click here (720 kb)

Human Trafficking Infographic

An interesting infographic with accurate statistics (cited at the bottom of each page) was created by Iowa State University student, Hannah Fultz. It is three pages and the full brochure can be downloaded below.

Look Below the Surface Poster

The “Look Below the Surface” is a new poster released in September of 2020. This poster is specifically designed for victims, survivors, and those who have suspicions that a friend or acquaintance may actually be someone who is a modern day slave.

Trata de Personas Poster

This Spanish language poster was developed by the human trafficking coordinator at the Iowa Attorney General’s office and the Crime Victim Assistance Division. The “Trata de Personas” poster has an emphasis on labor trafficking and was published in 2019.