Iowa school bus drivers to be trained to be on the lookout for human trafficking

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training-school-bus-driversIowa will become the nation’s first state to require training about human trafficking for its school bus drivers. Once again, the Iowa Department of Transportation and Truckers Against Trafficking are leading the country in the fight to end human trafficking. We also commend the Iowa Department of Education and its school transportation services department for moving this training requirement forward.

Here is the first paragraph of an article from the Iowa Department of Education announcing this training effort and how it came about.

Invisible, right in front of our eyes. Hidden in plain sight every day means Iowa’s school children are vulnerable to the tragic realities of falling victim to human trafficking. This year, in an effort to identify, disrupt, and report human trafficking of Iowa’s youth, every school bus driver in every school district in the state will receive specialized training, enabling drivers to act and help save young lives from such a fate. The 9,000 extra pairs of trained eyes on board are on the lookout and well positioned to impact the lives of students.

Here is a link to this very exciting news article.

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