The Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery Celebrates 15th Anniversary

Today, June 23, The Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery will celebrate its 15th anniversary! The Network was founded in 2005 and was Iowa’s first (and remains the only) statewide volunteer organization devoted exclusively to ending human trafficking in all forms. We are very proud of all that has been accomplished statewide over the past 15 years, highlighted by the bipartisan passage of 25 bills, launching the hotel/motel employee training project, creating and distributing 11,000 rescue stickers, and passage of anti-trafficking massage business ordinances by more than 20 Iowa cities. In addition, great progress has been made to educate Iowans about human trafficking within their state and communities.

Help us celebrate this milestone and honor the modern-day abolitionists who founded the Network by donating and telling us why you support NAHT. Pictured below are some of our supporters who have already been posted on our Facebook page. You will notice several board members, and I’m proud to announce that 100% of our 20 board members have donated to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Fill out your own support poster (download here) and tell us why you support the Network! Send a photo of you holding your poster to or post a photo on Facebook. Be sure to tag us in your post!

You can also support the Network through an anniversary donation. Donations to the Network make a direct impact on our ability to prevent future victimization. Funds raised are primarily used to create more awareness across our state about the reality of human trafficking. Make your donation here.

Thank you for your ongoing support and all that you do to eliminate human trafficking in Iowa. Without dedicated donors like you, we would not be able to fulfil our mission of coordinating Iowa’s solution to end human trafficking through coalition building, raising awareness, promoting education, advocating for effective prevention, intervention, rescue, and recovery services and effective legislation and public policy and to end human trafficking in Iowa in all of its forms.

Here are a few of the responses written by those pictured below in answer to the sentence, “I support the Network because…”:

  • “I support passing hotel/motel anti-trafficking legislation.”
  • “They promote awareness.”
  • “Every person was created to be free.”
  • “It is Iowa’s leading platform for collaboration and communication between anti-trafficking non-profits and public agencies, especially DHS, DPS, Attorney General’s office and the Governor.”
  • “I want my children to grow up in a community without human trafficking!”
  • “They’re advocates for those without voices and promote education and awareness.”
  • “I want to educate the public regarding the horrors of sex and labor trafficking and provide a ’way out’ for victims.”
  • “I have two daughters and want them to stay safe.”

Bipartisan Passage of Two Important 2020 Legislative Bills

Three cheers for Maggie Tinsman, Chair of the NAHT Legislative Advocacy Committee!! The hotel/motel employee training bill passed both the Iowa House and Senate unanimously. The bill is on its way to the Governor, who has pledged to sign it.

Also, House File 2554, entitled “Continuous Sexual Abuse of Children,” passed the legislature with bipartisan support. For more details, you can find both of these bills, HF 2554 and HF 2259, in the Information and Articles section of this blog post (#9 and #10).

Human Trafficking Institute 2019 Federal Human Trafficking Report

The Human Trafficking Institute has released their 2019 Federal Human Trafficking Report! This Report is an annual publication of the Institute that provides comprehensive data from every federal criminal and civil human trafficking case that United States courts handle each year. It’s the result of extensive year-round research and analysis. Download a copy here:

Information and Articles

  1. “The Five Most Common Questions and Associated Fears of Anti-Trafficking Advocates and Critical Solutions to Address Them” – Link here
  2. Registration for the annual international Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference is NOW OPEN! – Link here
  3. “I Feel Like We Are People Who Have Never Known Each Other Before”: The Experiences of Survivors of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation Transitioning From Shelters to Life in the Community – Read this research article here
  4. Beyond Inclusion: Survivor-Leader Voice in Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations – Read this research article here (must pay a fee to access)
  5. From Victimization to Restoration: Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative Approaches to Care and Support Victims and Survivors of Human Trafficking – Read this research article here (must pay a fee to access)
  6. Labor Trafficking Webinar: A pre-recorded webinar – Link here
  7. The NHTTAC (National Human Trafficking Training Assistance Center) also has a public health program with on line trainings for public,medical and behavioral health personnel called SOAR. Here are the links to four upcoming trainings:
  8. A TV interview reviewing the connection between porn and trafficking on an Iowa TV show called Surviving Bad – Link here
  9. HF 2554 –
  10. HF 2259 –