Anti-Trafficking Iowa Posters, DVDs and Awareness Display Materials – For Your Use

Today’s blog post is different from most and serves as a resource for anti-trafficking Iowa information. The Iowa NAHT is committed to creating a state where every Iowan is aware of the signs of trafficking and knows when and how to report it. And this is where this issue of the blog post comes into the picture. What follows is a review of awareness material for your use. We call on you to help us print, distribute, and post this material in your business, faith community, service club, and on social media.

Eight Anti-Trafficking Posters And Brochures – For Your Use

NAHT Brochure Page 11. NAHT Informational Brochure – The Iowa Network now has an updated informational brochure. It can be accessed below by tapping on the photo and printed off for your use and to distribute to other anti-trafficking advocates. In this fifth version of the Network’s brochure, you will find more information on our three statewide volunteer projects: Hotel/Motel Employee Training, Massage Business Anti-Trafficking City Ordinances, and distribution and posting of Rescue Stickers. Nearly 500 Iowans have volunteered to help with these projects. You will also notice more emphasis and information on labor trafficking in the updated brochure. The brochure is 8.5 x 14 inches and folds in half creating a four-page brochure. Download the NAHT Brochure (PDF) here.

Slave Job Specifications2. Anti-Slavery Poster – The Network is offering a 8.5 x 11 inch anti-slavery poster, “Slave Job Specifications,” for you to download and distribute in your church, school, or business. As you know from reading our posts, the Iowa NAHT is placing an increased focus on labor trafficking. The handout below is part of this new Network public awareness effort. This is designed as a handout for allies and advocates to use when speaking to groups about labor trafficking.

Every 30 Seconds3. Every 30 Seconds Poster – The “Every 30 Seconds” poster makes the connection that human trafficking is modern-day slavery. The poster is 8.5 x 11 inches and directs the reader to learn more about trafficking by going to the NAHT website or Facebook page.

Stop Human Trafficking4. Stop Human Trafficking Poster – The “Stop Human Trafficking” poster is useful for posting in convenience stores, truck stops, and other public places where Iowans need to be made aware that “It Happens Here” and see the toll free 24/7 crisis line and text number.

Iowa Human Trafficking Rescue Stickers5. Rescue Stickers – The Iowa Network has already distributed 7,500 of these Rescue Stickers. Both the national and Iowa toll free 24/7 crisis lines and text numbers are highly visible. The harsh reality is that dozens of Iowa victims are being trafficked every day. Ninety-eight percent of trafficking carries on undetected and unreported. The Rescue Sticker encourages those Iowans that do recognize signs of trafficking to call and report what they suspect. By increasing public awareness, the Rescue Sticker reminds all Iowans that they can take steps to recognize and report suspected trafficking and thereby possibly save innocent lives. We ask that you focus your posting of Rescue Stickers in liquor stores, Goodwill and other thrift stores, clinics, hospitals, court houses, transportation centers, schools, social service agencies, police stations, hotels/motels, Walmarts, pharmacies, and bars. Click here to order your stickers. Click here to download distribution and posting instructions.

Iowa Human Trafficking Arrest Map6. Iowa Trafficking Arrest Map – This map of Iowa was produced by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, and we have permission from Gretchen Brown-Waech, Human Trafficking Coordinator, to share this with the public. Gretchen has put many hours into researching and updating this map, and we thank her for her efforts. In addition to the arrest map, you may click here to get a more detailed description of each arrest (PDF) as well as sentencing details. The entries on the map are listed under the year of conviction.

NAHT Table Tent7. Table Tent – This table tent is the Network’s newest awareness item. It is 8.5 x 11 inches. Once you download the table tent, print copies on cardstock and fold in half lengthwise to create a table tent.

Labor Trafficking Poster8. Labor Trafficking Poster – Last semester a group of 80 DMACC students designed a new poster for the Network. The NAHT board voted on the best poster. “It’s Not Always Obvious” is the winning labor trafficking poster created by Joshua Mendez. The NAHT thanks Jasy Skelton-Leopold, DMACC design instructor, and all of the students who submitted their designs.

Iowa DVDs and Films

  1. Any Kid Any WhereAny Kid Any Where
    Any Kid Any Where: Iowa Sex Trafficking Survivor Stories is an excellent DVD produced and distributed by Braking Traffik. The Network also loans out copies of the DVD. This is a short but effective 17 minute interview with three Iowa female survivors who were lured into sex trafficking while in their teens. Anyone who doubts that Iowa youth are being trafficked needs to watch this DVD. The true accounts of survival send a message of hope and provide a sobering cautionary tale that may help other Iowa youth avoid victimization. If you wish to borrow the DVD from the Iowa NAHT, please submit your request to and provide us with your name and mailing address.
  2. Gridshock
    Gridshock is a documentary exposing the hidden and disturbing reality behind sex trafficking in Iowa and the often-overlooked reality about why the industry thrives—because there is a demand for it. Vanessa McNeal’s film features survivors of sex trafficking, local and federal law enforcement, advocates, politicians, and a recovering sex addict. What you think you know about sex trafficking will be challenged.Gridshock is now available online everywhere! Get your copy at is the fourth, and most recent film by filmmaker Vanessa McNeal. Donations of $45,000 funded this 55 minute film. Vanessa recently received the 2019 Outstanding Human Trafficking Service Award from the Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking and Slavery. The award was presented by Governor Kim Reynolds on January 17, 2019 on behalf of the Iowa NAHT.

NAHT T-shirt

This Network Against Human Trafficking t-shirt was designed by the ISU Student NAHT. You can place your $20 order by contacting the president of the ISU Student NAHT, Josie Rodriguez, at The $20 cost does not include postage.