Anti-Human Trafficking News and Resources

There is a lot of anti-trafficking activity and progress being made across Iowa. Today’s blog post is only a snippet of activity and new resources available.

  1. The DPS Office to Combat Human Trafficking has issued its 2017 annual report. They included some statistics in the annual report, from the national hotline and from Iowa law enforcement agencies. It is available online: and the Office to Combat Human Trafficking is also planning to develop a human trafficking page on the DPS website, which will include a link to its annual report.
  2. Here is a link to the Attorney General’s Iowa Human Trafficking needs assessment.
  3. We urge you to register for the 2018 Iowa Human Trafficking Summit April 18-19! Learn more at:
  4. On February 24th, the Eyes Wide Open Conference will take place at 2306 S 3rd Ave E Newton, IA from 9:00 am – 4:30 PM with presenters including Mike Ferjak, Ruth Buckels, Chief David Lorenzen, Shannon Schott, Kristina Glackin survivor, and Brenda Long: Please register – FREE conference
  5. To register for the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children GEMS’ CSEC 101 Train the Trainer conference from February 28th-March 2nd, 2018, please download the GEMS’ CSEC 101 Registration Form (PDF).
  6. The central Iowa Hotel/Motel Employee Training and Awareness Project will host training of trainers from 6:00-9:00pm on Thursday, March 8th at Plymouth Congregational in Des Moines. All trainees must provide 3 one-hour trainings to three different hotels and their employees. For more information or to register, please contact Shirlee Reding at
  7. Network Board Member Teresa Davidson and a human trafficking survivor provided a very excellent TV interview which you can watch by clicking on this link.
  8. Stop-Human-Trafficking-FlyerThe NAHT would like your help in posting this flyer in order to encourage the public to make use of the Human Trafficking Hotline whenever they see something suspicious. Download the Stop Human Trafficking flyer (PDF) and share today.
  9. You will note that there is a new Ally listed on our website. They are the Sisters of St. Francis Franciscan Peace Center in Clinton, Iowa. The Sisters took a “stand” against human trafficking in 2015 and below is the statement from their website:
  10. January was Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and also the 2nd month of a 60-day fundraising campaign for Gridshock- a documentary exploring sex trafficking right here in Iowa. Check out this new video about the documentary, and please consider getting involved to make it a reality at the link below!
    1. View Video
    2. Donate Here
  11. Find a Safehouse is a mobile app and online portal website that serves as a global directory of residential treatment centers for victims of human trafficking that need protection and rehabilitation. For more information:
  12. There was a major front page article about Kellie Markey in the Des Moines Register. She is the founder of Dorothy’s House and recently received an Iowa Network Outstanding Anti-Human Trafficking Service Award.
  13. This is a video from the Family Leader that reviews the Network Against Human Trafficking Day on the Hill.
  14. This is a link to the Iowa State Daily article about Network Board member Dr. Alissa Stoehr and her ISU class on human trafficking.
  15. From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Everyone has a role to play in combating human trafficking.
  16. Polaris has a quiz called “How Much Do You Know About Massage Parlor Trafficking. Take the quiz here. At the end of the quiz sign up to be one of the first people to receive their new report about Trafficking in Massage Parlors which will be released later this month and will include ways to take action.
  17. Was Your Seafood Caught With Slave Labor? New Database Helps Retailers Combat Abuse.
  18. Central Students Against Human Trafficking (CSAHT) is a student-led organization at Central College that was first started in January 2015 by Emily Van Gent, the club’s president. Emily started CSAHT not only because of her passion to end human trafficking, but also because of her desire to get others involved as well. CSAHT has grown and changed over the years, but its purpose will always be to learn, advocate, and work towards abolishing human trafficking. This work has come in many different forms, one of them being the Walk For Freedom, a silent awareness walk that the club has organized for the last two years. CSAHT has also raised awareness for End it Day through the End it Movement, a campaign known for its red X which symbolizes the importance of ending human trafficking. Events like these get the whole campus involved, and they create momentum for other forms of awareness such as movie nights and guest speakers. These are just a few of the ways that CSAHT has reached its purpose, and all that has been accomplished leaves us excited for all that is to come! To learn more, check out their Facebook page.
  19. Prevent Child Abuse Iowa has added a Human Trafficking component to their annual prevention conference in April, thanks to the coordination with the NAHT. Find out more information and register at this link:

If you have anti-trafficking news, events, training or resources to share across Iowa, please send to Dr. George Belitsos at