2019 Anti-human-trafficking Iowa Legislation

Greetings to the NAHT Blog subscribers.

There are 18 human trafficking related bills before the 2019 Iowa Legislature. Angela Davis and Maggie Tinsman, NAHT Legislative Committee co-chairs, have been doing a great job registering the Network’s position on each bill, attending hearings, and building rapport with legislators. We want to call your attention to 4 of these 18 bills.

SF419 Mandatory Reporter Training

The NAHT wishes to put out a call for you to immediately advocate for SF419, which is our top legislative priority. Thursday, February 7th is the legislative funnel deadline and SF 419 must pass out of a subcommittee in order for the Mandatory Reporter bill to stay alive.

SF360 the NAHT opposes

One bill, SF 360, which the Network opposes has unfortunately passed out of subcommittee. One senator who voted against this bill called it “a human traffickers bill of rights.” Senate File 360 allows parents to sign over their kids to just about anybody, with the parents being exempt from liability for abandonment, abuse, or neglect. An “agent” would be granted power of attorney to do just about anything with the kids except consent to abortion, marriage, or adoption. No restrictions in the bill about who that agent can be. Convicted felon? OK. Somebody on the sex registry? No problem. Except for abortion, the agent could consent to pretty much any legal medical procedure. Want to take the kid out of state, out of the country? Wave good-bye. Senate File 360.

There was a strong showing at the subcommittee meeting held last Thursday, 2/28, at 11:00 a.m. in the Capitol’s Law Library. Tap the link below to watch a 13 minute video of the hearing. Thanks to Angela Davis who represented the NAHT and spoke in opposition

l hear what Angela had to say about SF360 on this video.


HF455 relates to hotel/motel employee training on human trafficking prevention

NAHT board member, Suzie Wright, worked with local Dubuque legislators to write this bill. HF455 would support the NAHT statewide goal to train all hotel/motel employees to recognize and report trafficking. This bill would require any government agencies to use only hotels and motels where the anti-human trafficking trainings have taken place. The bill is on today’s 9am agenda of the Public Safety Committee. Suzie Wright and Angela Davis will both speak at the hearing and register the NAHT as in support. For a copy of the bill, click here.


Massage Therapy Licensing

There are 4 massage therapy bills and the NAHT is registered in support of only one of these bills. SF267 is before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee which includes senators Zaun, Peterson, and Sweeney. It is the only bill which does not take away local control. As you know, 14 Iowa cities have passed massage therapy ordinances.

We will continue to keep you informed via this blog.